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We will be gathering photos of our instruments as well as a little history about them, and posting it to this site.

We will be adding photos and info on our instruments which include a Homer Ledford mountain dulcimer, Bob Mize mountain dulcimer, Tom Yocky mountain dulcimer, McSpadden mountain dulcimer, Black Mountain mountain dulcimer, Terry McCafferty pickin stick, McNally strum stick, "bones" from Guy and Pip Gillette, wooden spoons, a banjo, a fiddle, a jaw harp and a rubboard. We also have two new additions to the family... the Mandolin and the "Dobro" (well, it isn't a Gibson, so I reckon it is a Resonator Guitar / Resophonic Guitar with a steel slide.

NOW, if we can just learn to play them all someday!

We thank the Hesters for being the ones to introduce us to the dulcimers. Also to
Jerry and Margaret Wright for loaning us one of Jerry's handmade dulcimers before we were able to get some for our family. (Actually Mark Hester and my husband Neil made our family some 'canjamers' and we had a blast with those so we decided to get some dulcimers of our own. And we still have those canjamers - staple frets and several different sizes of cans for that unique sound! :))

We look forward to learning more of each of them and getting much more familiar with playing them.

Tom Yocky mountain dulcimer
Here is the url to "Scripture" which is my husband's first mountain dulcimer, custom made by Tom Yocky. "Scripture" - custom mountain dulcimer by Tom Yocky 

Western cedar top, zebrawood back, olive ash burl sides with rosewood head and tail. Tom said he wouldn't be doing anymore with zebrawood... this would the be last one.

Info and photo coming soon.

Bob Mize mountain dulcimer
Photo and info to follow. Thanks to Stephen Hollen for allowing us to have this beautiful dulcimer. Stephen is an Appalachian Storyteller and Mountain Humorist. We are so very thankful that Stephen is serving the Lord. Thank you Stephen. May you feel the Lord with you as you walk in obedience. Mr Robert Mize was another of the legendary dulcimer builders.

Homer Ledford mountain dulcimer
Photo and info to follow.

#5995 - Spruce top with mahogany sides.

What a treat it was to be able to talk with Mr Homer Ledford prior to his building this wonderful dulcimer. He has been a true blessing. We have enjoyed his book, The Craft of Homer Ledford. Thank you Mr Homer! In Christ -Trust and Obey- :)

See more at Homer Ledford's Official website. Mr Homer Ledford went to be with the Lord December 11, 2006.

McSpadden mountain dulcimer
Photo and info to follow.

Black Mountain mountain dulcimer
Photo and info to follow.

Terry McCafferty pickin stick
Photo and info to follow.

For more Pick N' Sticks and Dulcimers handmade by Terry McCafferty see McCafferty Dulcimers website.

McNally strum stick
Photo and info coming soon.

Pics and info to follow.

Bones, Spoons, Rubboard
Pics to follow...

Pics to follow...

Pictures to follow.

Resonator Guitar
Pictures of this "Dobro" style lap guitar to follow. (It isn't a Gibson brand so I reckon it is called a Resonator Guitar / Resophonic Guitar or a lap guitar with a steel slide for that awesome steel slide sound.